Tractable data ops with AI

Add more power to your Jupyter notebooks.


Auto Doc

AI-automated Communication

Auto generate documentation, get answers from and learn about your projects with our AI assistant instead of diving into the code.

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Retrieve & Ask

Simplify vast volumes of Notebooks with AI

Say goodbye to drowning in endless amount of code and let our AI assistant retrieve the notebooks you are looking for.

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Rerun pipelines without recreating the wheel

1NB automagically generates data pipelines with your jupyter notebooks. Modify parameters, rerun workflows effortlessly with data updates.

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Be Efficient

Keep Assumptions & Dependencies in Check equips your team with the tools to monitor assumptions, dependencies, data sets, models, and results associated with each notebook in one centralized location. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to streamlined collaboration.

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Track Your Data and Notebook Evolution Like Never Before

Combined version control of your notebook & data. Trace original data source & notebook with our revision history. See all your notebooks in a repository with git integration.

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Share and use your data without any hassle

Just use an import data statement in your notebook and be free of any hassle of downloading or uploading data. Share your data with others with single click or a google sheet formula.

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From 0 to 1

At 1NB, we believe that knowledge is power and that every team and business deserves the tools to turn complex data into accessible insights.



The Importance of Documenting Data Workflows for Data Teams

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Our Team


An experienced data scientist and ML engineer, Sankho has worked with ML teams for 6+ years. Observing the technical debt that grows around ML and data analytics led him to start Sankho Turjo Sarkar 


An NLP and Generative AI expert, Surbhi has helped several startups embark on their AI journey. Surbhi Gupta 

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